Before going to the laboratory, Ducky and Pembleton stopped by their next door neighbor Mrs. Cottontail’s house  to drop off Abigail and the little guys. At first Ted and Blizzard didn’t want to stay. They wanted to help search for clues, but once they caught a whiff of the freshly baked cookies Mrs. Cottontail had made, they forgot all about the case. Pembleton practically had to drag Ducky away from the cookies so that they could get on with their investigation.

At the end of their street was Dr. Sloth’s laboratory. Ducky and Pembleton didn’t see anything unusual outside of the old stone building or as they climbed to the fourth floor. Once at the laboratory, it was obvious there had been a struggle. Pembleton said to Ducky, “Don’t touch anything and be as quiet as possible while I’m assessing the crime scene!”

The laboratory was silent. Pembleton was scanning the room for clues, and Ducky was reminiscing about Mrs. Cottontail’s cookies. Then a loud voice startled them. “Stay where you are! This is Scotland Yard!”

Ducky and Pembleton both jumped.

“Who are you?” asked the inspector.

“I’m Pembleton and this my esteemed colleague Dr. Ducky. We are investigating who took Abigail’s father.”

“I’ve heard of your adventures. I’m Conrad, Alligator Investigator, at her majesty’s service. I’m responding to a report of suspicious activity in the area. You can continue your investigation, as long as you tell me everything that you find and keep me informed of your activities. What have you found so far?”

Pembleton stepped forward and explained, “I’m working on a theory. Based on the hairball at your feet, the half eaten tuna fish sandwich in the corner, and the fact that Abigail could not quit sneezing, can only mean one thing. We must go to the docks immediately! Tally ho!”

To be continued…

"Who are you?"

“Who are you?”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)