The Docks.

By the time they arrived at the docks, a thick fog covered the harbor. Pembleton said to Ducky and Conrad, “Be on the look out for our next clue.”

They began to survey the area, searching high and low. Conrad, armed with his magnifying glass, found some bolts. “These have to be from Mr. Sloth’s robot. I think we are getting close.”

“I concur,” Pembleton replied, as he noticed another hairball.

“I found a clue! I found a clue!” shouted Dr. Ducky, “I think it will be the one to break the case.”

“Really? What is it Ducky?” Pembleton asked.

“You got to come see this,” Ducky said with excitement.

“Umm… Is that a cucumber?” Conrad asked.

“Actually it’s a clue-cumber.” Ducky corrected him.

“No, Ducky. That is just a cucumber. However, that pirate ship behind you is definitely a clue.” Pembleton replied. “This confirms my theory.”

To be continued…

"Look! It's a clue-cumber!"

“Look! It’s a clue-cumber!”

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