The Museum.

Pembleton, Ducky and Conrad took a taxi to the museum. When they reached the London Animal Museum, Ducky was amazed by how large it was. The building took up two city blocks and was made of marble.

They climbed the marble staircase to the main entrance. There they were met by two mole security guards wielding squirt guns.

“Freeze or you’ll get a mouth full of cold stinky swamp water,” one mole said with a Scottish accent.

“No! Don’t shoot, I’m Conrad, Investigator with Scotland Yard!”

Conrad hurriedly explained the situation and the other mole radioed in for the central security chief to let them in the museum. They entered the huge lobby and were greeted by a several museum exhibits.

“Whoa! Check out this wooly mammoth skeleton. I wish Ted was here to see this. It’s AWESOME!” Ducky exclaimed.

“Ducky, we can’t get distracted now! Abigail is counting on us. We need to find the crown jewel exhibit. Once there we need to figure out how to stop the cat pirates and rescue Abigail’s dad!” Pembleton said as they rushed up the steps to search the rest of the museum.

To be continued…

"WHOA, look at that MAMMOTH!"

“WHOA, look at that MAMMOTH!”

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