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Earlier this summer, Ducky and the gang found out some exciting news! A new human is going to be added to the family!


Then they found out the baby human is a GIRL! (Something Amanda Panda and Penelope Penguin are very excited about.)


It took them a little while to get use to the idea, but now they love their little sister, and can’t wait to teach her “the way of the force”, and how to “live long and prosper”.

Now they are getting some more news! They are going to find out their baby sisters name!!


Here is how it happened:

Ducky, Pembleton, Blizzard and Ted,
Gathered in the living room right before bed.
The mama and the papa told them some news,
That a brand new baby would be joining them soon.
Ducky asked, “will the baby be a brother?”
“No, not a brother”, said the mother.
“Then we’re having a sister”, shouted Ted and Blizzard.
Pembleton asked, “what is her name?”
The papa replied, “let’s play a guessing game.”
Ducky declared, “her last name has to be Mann because she’s joining our clan.”
“Right”, said papa, “and what will her middle name be?”
“I know, Dorothea! For our Grandma Dee.”
“Now let’s finish the game,
what about her first name?”
Blizzard laughed, “This should be easy”,
Ted giggled, “Let’s call her Evie.”
“Evie?” asked Pembleton.
“Is that short for Evelyn?”
“Yes”, said the mama, “that is her name,
Evelyn Dorothea Mann.”


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