The History of Ducky Mann’s family

Before Ducky, there were the Lambs, who had been with Laura (The Mom) since her time in Germany. In the fall 2003, Laura and Timothy (The Dad) met and fell in love, while in college. That is when the family started. Then during the winter of 03-04 Bear was the first to arrive. While Laura and Tim had Bear, something was missing in their lives. The following year, on Feb 14, 2005 Ducky arrived and changed their lives forever.  He was a lively little duck, who brightened their day with his crazy antics and adventures.

After college Ducky was lonely all day while Tim and Laura were at work, so Christmas 2009, Mama Dee gave the family a penguin we named Pembleton. Pembleton and Ducky instantly became brothers, but more importantly friends. Then in 2010, Ted and Blizzard appeared in Ducky and Pembleton’s Christmas stockings. Ted and Blizzard are now known as the little guys. Somewhere along the way Appa joined us.

Over the years, Laura and Timothy created stories and art about their little friends. From time to time they would share their stories or art with family and friends, who would then encourage them to share their stories with others or even create children’s books. Unsure of how to go about getting a children’s book published, this blog was created instead.