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Basketball is Pembleton’s favorite sport. So Pembleton was super excited when Mrs. Cottontail told her class about the annual basketball fundraiser. Both Ducky and Pembleton signed up to play, and the whole animal community showed up to the game.

Ted and Blizzard cheered from the sidelines and Amanda Panda kept yelling for Ducky to slam dunk the ball. During the game Pembleton scored one basket. Ducky had a little trouble aiming the ball and never managed to score. When the buzzer sounded Ducky tossed the ball into the air over the basket and into the audience. The crowd cheered! They rushed down to the court and carried both Ducky and Pembleton out of the gymnasium on their shoulders.

The fundraiser earned lots of money for the local humane society, and Mrs. Cottontail said she was proud of them for playing so well.

Nothing but net!

Nothing but net!


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