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One night Ducky was watching a marathon of Magnum P.I. on Netflix with the Humans and the gang. It was one of his favorite shows. He liked the action, the adventure, the car, and the hair. He wondered, Wouldn’t it be cool to be a P.I. in Hawaii. After about the 6th episode in a row, his eye lids began to grow heavier and heavier, until he was dozing off…

All of a sudden, he was on a Hawaiian beach, wearing a snazzy shirt and he had a MUSTACHE! Then he realized, “I am Ducky P.I. Oh Yeah. Lets find some bad guys,” he said as he hopped in to his red Ferrari. He enjoyed the nice ocean breeze through his wavy hair as he munched on a nice veggie Hawaiian pizza, ready for his next case.

When all of a sudden there was an EARTHQUAKE! Everything was shaking. Was one of the volcanoes erupting? But then, he realized the car was slowly starting to disappear and Higgens was shouting at him to wake up. Then he was back in the living room. Pembleton was there shaking him, “Come on! It’s time to go to bed. We need to brush our teeth.”

Ducky was sad it was all a dream but hoped when his head hit the pillow he would be back on the beach and solve the case before morning.

Ducky P.I.

Ducky P.I.

Today at the beach Ducky found a bottle washed up on the shore. He heard a story about how people stranded on deserted islands sometimes put messages in bottles asking for someone to come and rescue them. Then Ducky thought, “maybe it’s a treasure map?” Ducky dusted the sand off the sides of the bottle and peered inside.

“Ouch!” A baby crab bit his beak. The bottle didn’t contain any message at all. It was just a home for a baby crab. Ducky carefully put the bottle back where he found it and ran off to splash in the water.

the bottle

“What secrets does this bottle hold?” -Ducky

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