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What a crazy dream!

Last night, Ducky dreamed that him and Pembleton were in a video game. They almost got eaten by Pac Man and they had to jump from one platform to another collecting bananas. Then after rescuing a princess, they met up with Donkey Kong and who ate all the bananas they collected.

While it was fun being in a video game, Ducky is glad that he isn’t stuck in there and can enjoy the real outdoors.

Nice to meet you Mr. Kong.

Nice to meet you Mr. Kong.


Merry Christmas DtPb!The wait is over! Ducky, Ted, Pembleton & Blizzard are on Santa Watch! They are tracking Santa using the NORAD Santa Website.

For more than 50 years, NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa’s flight… In 1958, the governments of Canada and the United States created a bi-national air defense command for North America called the North American Aerospace Defense Command, also known as NORAD, which then took on the tradition of tracking Santa. (From NORAD HQ)

We hope you all have been good this year! Merry Christmas!

In Israel, cucumbers and pickles are BIG BUSINESS, and Ducky (always the entrepreneur) has been busy preparing a crop of grade-A “mel-ah-fe-FONE” (that’s Hebrew for cucumber). First he used his hoe to make the dirt really soft. Then he planted some cucumber vines. A few days later, some flowers started to bloom. After a few weeks, a few tiny cucumbers appeared. In a month or two, it all add up to one thing. PICKLE MAKING TIME!! Only, he is not sure how to make pickles, but he will figure that out when it is time.

Makin' pickles is hard work!

Makin’ pickles is hard work!

Ducky and Pembleton are living in a mysterious and amazing place called Haifa, Israel. Every weekend they explore new places in the city. Last weekend, they explored the Haifa zoo and met lots of new friends. Today, Pembleton woke everyone up early and announced that he found an amazing place called the Bahai gardens, right here in Haifa. So they packed their backpacks with snacks and juice and took the bus downtown.

When they first got off the bus, Pembleton said, “that doesn’t look right. We were supposed to be in a different place.” Pembleton checked the map and couldn’t recognize any of the street names. He turned to the others and said, “I’m sorry guys. I think we are lost.”

Ducky turned to him and said, “Don’t worry Pembleton. I’ll ask someone for directions.” Once Ducky got directions from a local puppy, they discovered they were only one street over from the entrance to the Bahai gardens.

The gang spent all day exploring the incredible Bahai gardens, and when they were done, they finished the afternoon with lunch and an ice cream cone. Before heading home, they stopped back at the base of the gardens for a group photo. It was a pretty awesome day.

"Whoa! That's quite a view!"

“Whoa! That’s quite a view!”

While in Italy, Ducky had a fountain made in his likeness. He wore a toga and a crown of olive leaves just like Caeser. When modelling for it, he thought it was weird that Gatocelli didn’t look at him much and that he wasn’t allowed to look at the statue until it was finished. Towards the end of sculpting, Ducky got tired, took off his costume, and went to get a snack.

When he came back the statue was gone. “Where is the statue?” Ducky asked.

“I put it on top of a fountain and it’s now in the garden”, replied Gatocelli.

Ducky was so excited … until he reached the garden. Once he saw the fountain, his eyes almost bulged out of his head and he sank back in embarrassment! The statue was not of him as a Caeser but as a chubby cherub- PEEING! So embarrassing! This is the last time he will trust Christmas Koala to recommend an artist!




Happy Birthday To Ducky Adventures!

Ducky and the gang have been apart of our family for years, but it wasn’t until last year that we finally shared them with the world! On September 18th, 2012 we posted our first blog post on Ducky Adventures (Hello World). Since then, it has been a fun and wild ride.

In between school, work and traveling in our real lives, we have gotten to explore their amazing world with Ducky’s Business Tips, Pembleton’s Labs, and some of our series (Case of the Missing Sloth and Mystery of the Desert Sands). This year we posted 153 blogs post and hopefully we will post even more this coming year. We had such a fun year, and we can’t wait to see what happens in the next!

Some (but NOT all) favorites!

We are sorry we were gone so long, but we had some adventuring to do! The Dad, also known as one of our favorite humans (second to The Mom) had to go to Germany for work, which means one thing- FAMILY VACATION!

We cruised the Rhine River, explored castles in St. Goar and Nuremburg, went to the top of a mountain in the Austrian Alps (where Ducky sang “The hills are alive…”), and we ran around Munich. Our favorite part, besides all the cake and prezels we ate, was seeing the night’s watchman in Rothenburg o.d.t. and conquering the fortress in Wurzburg. We had so many fun adventures on this trip!

We hope you are having some of your own adventures this summer as well! See you Wednesday!

Guten Tag!

Guten Tag!

Pembleton is an avid reader of the local animal paper. When he spotted an ad for 1 free yoga lesson for beginners, he decided that he and Blizzard were going to check it out. Ducky and Ted didn’t want to be left out, so they tagged along.

At first the yoga lesson was pretty easy. There was a lot of inhaling and exhaling, reaching for the sky and wiggling their toes. Then things got a little more advanced. Cat pose was challenging but doable. Downward dog was easy for Ted and Blizzard, but a little more challenging for Ducky and Pembleton, because they have shorter arms. Then there was the headstand. This one was tricky, but the gang were fast learners.

During the cool down period, the instructor turned the lights down low and played some soothing music. So soothing, someone (we won’t mention who) fell asleep and was snoring loudly!

After the class was over, the Yogi was so impressed with the gangs yoga skills, he invited them back next week for a free advanced level class.

Headstand Pose

Headstand Pose

Earlier today, Ducky and Pembleton were looking at some old photos. They were so old, it was before they knew their little buddies Ted and Blizzard.

Ted and Blizzard were confused. They had never heard of baseball and were wondering why Pembleton was prepared for battle. This afternoon, the gang went to a nearby park, where Ducky and Pembleton taught the little guys how to play catch.  Then they came home to watch the end of the Oakland A’s beating the Red Sox, while eating Cracker Jacks. Ducky is a huge fan of Stomper (the A’s mascot) and caramel popcorn.

"Batter Up!"

“Batter Up!”

Once Ducky and the gang were discovered as intruders, the jig was up. The cat pirates rounded them up and snatched Ducky’s mustache off.

“Who do we have here?” said Captain One Mitten. “Well if it isn’t my arch nemesis Ducky and Pembleton. Because of you, Egor has turned soft. He now volunteers at a nursing home and is doing community theater. It disgusts me how he is such a stinkin’ do good-er.”

“Community theater? Sounds interesting. What’s his next play?” Ducky asked.

“WHAT?!?! Never mind you. Keep your mouth shut, while I come up with an evil plan to deal with you and this time you won’t get away.”

Just as he spoke his last word, there were high pitched sirens from outside on the docks.

“This is Scotland Yard. You are surrounded. Come out with your paws up and don’t try any funny business.” Chief Bear-Brown yelled through the megaphone.

“NO!!!!! How do you always foil my plans?” Captain One Mitten yelled, as one of his crew members confirmed they were surrounded by the Scotland Yard K-9 Unit.

“You see my dear fellow, Inspector Conrad, or you may know him as Mousetrap, contacted his colleagues at Scotland Yard and requested back up before we entered your hide out. You never stood a chance, especially once Ducky, or should I say Cheeseball, started the piratey celebration.” Pembleton replied. “Now let’s get Mr. Sloth back to Abigale and the crown jewels back to the museum.”

Realizing they had been defeated. The cat pirates and Captain One Mitten were marched out of the cannery, by Conrad and were off to the pokey.

Next, the finale…

"Come out with your hands up!"

“Come out with your hands up!”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 5)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 6)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 7)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 8)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 9)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 10)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 11)


Once inside the look-out asked, “So what do they call yas?”

Pembleton was caught off gaurd, but Ducky quickly replied, “I’m Cheeseball, here’s my buddy Mousetrap,” pointing to Conrad, “And this is my other buddy Heathcliff McGee,” pointing to Pembleton.

“Umm…nice names. Come on in, were are preparing to load up the ship”, he said while leading them through the cannery.

“Quick we need a distraction,” Pembleton whispered.

“No, problem.” Ducky answered with a wink.

When they reached the other cats, Pembleton and Ducky saw it was in fact the sinister Captain One Mitten leading this dastardly endeavor. The cat pirates had almost finished loading up the boxes and would soon be shipping out to sea. Ducky hollered at the top of his lungs, “Such a treasure calls for a great piraty celebration!” and he began to sing “ninety-nine bottles of milk on the wall.” All the cats joined in, including Captain One Mitten.

While the other cats were distracted, Pembleton snuck over to the corner and found Abigail’s father tied up next to the robot. The robot was sad because Captain One Mitten had not only taken the crown he had stolen, but also the gold metal he had won during Robofest. Even worse, Abigail’s father was disappointed in him for participating in Captain One Mitten’s evil plan.

Pembleton untied Abigail’s dad and they snuck towards the front door. Pembleton tried to get Ducky’s and Conrad’s attention, but they were too carried away singing and merry making.  As Pembleton tried to get their attention, one of the pirates accidently stepped on Ducky’s tail, which then detached. First the pirate was horrified that he had so easily hurt Cheeseball. But then realized as Ducky continued to sing, that Cheeseball and his friends were in fact intruders and began to shout, “Intruders!”

To be continued…

"Arr Maties, it's time to celebrate wit a wittle song."

“Arr Maties, it’s time to celebrate wit a wittle song.”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 5)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 6)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 7)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 8)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 9)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 10)


When Ducky, Pembleton, and Conrad finally caught up with the robot, Ducky was surprised to find they were back at the docks. They watched as the robot knocked on the door of the tuna fish cannery. The door opened and the robot slipped inside.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go in and arrest the perpetrators!”, Ducky exclaimed.

“Wait!”, Conrad advised. “There are too many cats in that factory. We need to wait here and call for backup.”

“There’s no time”, Pembleton said. “Once the cat pirates get the crown they will immediately load it onto a ship and smuggle it out of the country along with Abigail’s father. Luckily, I have a plan to get inside, rescue Abigail’s father, get the jewels, and get out before the cats suspect anything.”

“What’s your plan?” Ducky asked.

“Disguises.” Pembleton said.

“Disguises?” Ducky asked. “Wait! I got some cat costumes in my bag. Three actually.”

“I know.” Pembleton said.

They quickly put on the costumes and headed to the cat’s hideout. Nervously Ducky knocked on the door. “Who goes there?” a cat pirate asked through a peep hole.

“Umm… we’re the new crew.” Ducky nervously spit out.

“New crew?” The cat pirate scratched his head. “Uhh… okay. Umm… So what is the password?”

Pembleton nervously scratched his head trying to think, then let out a “Meow” to stall for time.

“Purr-fect. Come on in, the party is just getting started,” the door keeper said. Then he asked Conrad, “Hey, you’re looking pretty green there buddy. Did you eat some bad tuna?” Conrad nervously shook his head as they entered the pirate’s den.

To be continued…

"What's the password?"

“What’s the password?”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 5)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 6)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 7)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 8)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 9)


CRASH! A window in the crown jewels exhibit hall broke. The Cat Pirates had forced Mr. Sloth to reprogram his robot to steal the crown jewels.


On the other side of the building, Ducky asked, “What was that noise?”

“I think a window just broke. Quick, we need to investigate.” Pembleton shouted.

To be continued…

"Beep Beep"

“Beep Beep”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 5)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 6)

The Museum.

Pembleton, Ducky and Conrad took a taxi to the museum. When they reached the London Animal Museum, Ducky was amazed by how large it was. The building took up two city blocks and was made of marble.

They climbed the marble staircase to the main entrance. There they were met by two mole security guards wielding squirt guns.

“Freeze or you’ll get a mouth full of cold stinky swamp water,” one mole said with a Scottish accent.

“No! Don’t shoot, I’m Conrad, Investigator with Scotland Yard!”

Conrad hurriedly explained the situation and the other mole radioed in for the central security chief to let them in the museum. They entered the huge lobby and were greeted by a several museum exhibits.

“Whoa! Check out this wooly mammoth skeleton. I wish Ted was here to see this. It’s AWESOME!” Ducky exclaimed.

“Ducky, we can’t get distracted now! Abigail is counting on us. We need to find the crown jewel exhibit. Once there we need to figure out how to stop the cat pirates and rescue Abigail’s dad!” Pembleton said as they rushed up the steps to search the rest of the museum.

To be continued…

"WHOA, look at that MAMMOTH!"

“WHOA, look at that MAMMOTH!”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 5)

The Pirate Ship.

“What is your theory Pembleton?” asked Conrad.

“Do you think a cucumber thief is involved?” Ducky asked.

“No, Ducky. The Cat Pirates.” DUN-DUN-DUN, Pembleton replied. “They have taken Mr. Sloth, but I am not sure why, yet. We need to search the ship.”

They went to investigate the pirate ship. They looked through every nook and cranny. Then Pembleton found a box. He used a crowbar to open it. Ducky tried to help and almost fell overboard. In the box, they found a bottle of ant-acids, some cans of tuna fish, some disguises, along with a couple of maps of London.

"Does this ship, belong to who I think it belongs to?"- Ducky

“Does this ship, belong to who I think it belongs to?”- Ducky

While Pembleton examined the markings and notes on the maps, Conrad discovered a brochure. The brochure had information about an exhibit of the crown jewels at the London Animal Museum.

“Doesn’t that exhibit open tomorrow?” Ducky asked. “They always have the best snacks at their opening celebration.”

“That means they are going to try and  steal the crown jewels, before the opening tomorrow.” Pembleton concluded. “We have to go to the museum right away!”

To be continued…

"I know where they are headed." - Pembleton

“I know where they are headed.” – Pembleton

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Docks.

By the time they arrived at the docks, a thick fog covered the harbor. Pembleton said to Ducky and Conrad, “Be on the look out for our next clue.”

They began to survey the area, searching high and low. Conrad, armed with his magnifying glass, found some bolts. “These have to be from Mr. Sloth’s robot. I think we are getting close.”

“I concur,” Pembleton replied, as he noticed another hairball.

“I found a clue! I found a clue!” shouted Dr. Ducky, “I think it will be the one to break the case.”

“Really? What is it Ducky?” Pembleton asked.

“You got to come see this,” Ducky said with excitement.

“Umm… Is that a cucumber?” Conrad asked.

“Actually it’s a clue-cumber.” Ducky corrected him.

“No, Ducky. That is just a cucumber. However, that pirate ship behind you is definitely a clue.” Pembleton replied. “This confirms my theory.”

To be continued…

"Look! It's a clue-cumber!"

“Look! It’s a clue-cumber!”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

Before going to the laboratory, Ducky and Pembleton stopped by their next door neighbor Mrs. Cottontail’s house  to drop off Abigail and the little guys. At first Ted and Blizzard didn’t want to stay. They wanted to help search for clues, but once they caught a whiff of the freshly baked cookies Mrs. Cottontail had made, they forgot all about the case. Pembleton practically had to drag Ducky away from the cookies so that they could get on with their investigation.

At the end of their street was Dr. Sloth’s laboratory. Ducky and Pembleton didn’t see anything unusual outside of the old stone building or as they climbed to the fourth floor. Once at the laboratory, it was obvious there had been a struggle. Pembleton said to Ducky, “Don’t touch anything and be as quiet as possible while I’m assessing the crime scene!”

The laboratory was silent. Pembleton was scanning the room for clues, and Ducky was reminiscing about Mrs. Cottontail’s cookies. Then a loud voice startled them. “Stay where you are! This is Scotland Yard!”

Ducky and Pembleton both jumped.

“Who are you?” asked the inspector.

“I’m Pembleton and this my esteemed colleague Dr. Ducky. We are investigating who took Abigail’s father.”

“I’ve heard of your adventures. I’m Conrad, Alligator Investigator, at her majesty’s service. I’m responding to a report of suspicious activity in the area. You can continue your investigation, as long as you tell me everything that you find and keep me informed of your activities. What have you found so far?”

Pembleton stepped forward and explained, “I’m working on a theory. Based on the hairball at your feet, the half eaten tuna fish sandwich in the corner, and the fact that Abigail could not quit sneezing, can only mean one thing. We must go to the docks immediately! Tally ho!”

To be continued…

"Who are you?"

“Who are you?”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

Part 1.

Dr. Ducky and the little guys sat in Pembleton’s study listening to him play his violin. Due to the beautiful music Pembleton was playing, no one heard the knocks on the door.

Out of no where, a little sloth named Abigail, appeared in the study crying.

“What’s wrong Abigail?” Ducky asked, but there were only mumbles and sniffles. Ted and Blizzard got her a tissue and gave her a hug. Once she calmed down, she told them the horrible news.

“Someone took my papa. When my papa didn’t pick me up from school, I went to his workshop and he was gone! The workshop was wrecked! And I… and I…I don’t know to do!” she wailed.

“Don’t worry Abigail. I am on the case!” shouted Pembleton. “Now I need you to retell me what happen, with as much detail as possible.”  She retold him everything, even describing her father’s workshop. He was working on a new robot and it was missing too. She also remembered that the place smelled a little fishy, and she couldn’t stop sneezing.

Pembleton put his wing to his chin and puzzled for a moment. Then he said “Aha! I have an idea about who took your father, but first I need more information. Take me to his workshop.”

“How can you get anything out of those details, Pembleton?!?” Ducky asked.

Pembleton replied, “It’s elementary my dear Ducky.”

To be continued…

"Please don't cry. We will find your papa!"

“Please don’t cry. We will find your papa!”

"Why bring a resume, when you can bring a trophy?"

“Why bring a resume, when you can bring a trophy?”

Tip # 4

Always be prepared.

Ducky always likes to be prepared. He has found this to be extra important when doing business.  When packing your briefcase for a meeting or business trip Ducky’s motto is “When in doubt, pack it.” You would not believe how many times a stinky boot or a clown wig is just what he needs to get the job done. Don’t forget to pack some snacks too.

Late one night, Ducky was sitting in the DtPb PI office snacking on some cookies in the dark, when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. The noise startled Ducky but thankfully not enough for him to drop a cookie. Ducky adjusted his hat and said, “Come in.” As the door slowly creaked open, Ducky didn’t know what to expect. He wondered, would it be an aardvark with an adventure, a monkey with a mystery, or a rodent with a riddle?

When the door finally opened Ducky was surprized to find Ted huffing and puffing from opening that huge office door all by himself. Ted wanted to know if Ducky wanted to watch a movie together and eat some popcorn, while he manned the office. So they watched a movie and ate popcorn.

Ducky PI

“I wonder who’s there?” -Ducky

Earlier this week Ducky received word that his friend, Mr. Shnookums, had been picked up and put in to the pound again. Ducky knew he had to get him out, so he devised a top secret mission to get him out of the poky. Ducky, a master of disguises, donned his homemade puppy costume to go deep undercover.

Ducky allowed himself to be captured. As the Human was carrying him to the back to the vehicle, he unclipped his keys and tossed them to Pembleton.

Later that day, a cake was delivered to the pound right before closing hours. The cake was for a puppy named ‘Ducky’. The humans looked at all of the collars, and when they found the strange looking puppy with the name ‘Ducky’, they slipped the cake in to the cage. It took a lot of self control and will power to wait the 2 minutes it took for the staff to finally leave. Once the coast was clear, Ducky ate every last crumb, but thankfully did not eat the keys hidden inside. Then it was time to get to business.

Ducky unlocked his cage, then Mr. Shnookums’. He was about to leave, when he heard some whimpering. The other little guys were giving him sad puppy eye’s and he couldn’t leave them there. He had to help them all escape!

He unlocked every cage, even the ones with cats. And then they made a break for it. Thankfully Pembleton was waiting near buy with a van, that would take them to safety.

Within a couple of days, Ducky and Pembleton’s relocation agency had found loving homes for all the little guys, even the cats.

Puppies on the loose

We’re Busting Out of Here!

Ducky and the gang have been wanting to attend the ‘Animals Star Wars Conference’ for the past couple of years. This year, they finally got to go and it was AWESOME! Ducky and Ted attended a Jedi Leadership workshop, while Pembleton and Blizzard attended a robotics workshop. Their favorite part, was the keynote speaker, Chewbacca. They had no idea what he was saying, but they loved every minute. Plus they got to wear some pretty cool costumes.  They cannot wait until next year!

"May the Force Be with You!"

“May the Force Be with You!”

Recently Ducky and the gang went to Paris for a Lego conference. One evening, Ducky went on a stroll through the Parisian streets, looking for some snacks. He found some delicious cookies and a nice gelato stand near a park.

In the park, Ducky saw a strange fellow duck, who appeared to be trapped in an invisible box. When Ducky went over to help, the strange duck burst out of the invisible box and stanched Ducky’s cookie and his ice cream!

Ducky shouted, “Who are you and why did you take my snacks?”

But the strange duck’s only reply was a silent laugh and then a bite out of the cookie.

Ducky was sad, and confused. Why would someone be so mean? Then Ducky went back to the gelato stand and got another scoop of ice cream. This time, he would be more careful.

"Who are you and why did you take my snacks?" - Ducky

“Who are you and why did you take my snacks?” – Ducky



Bearistotle’s Treasure.

They slowly entered the room, not knowing what to expect. On the ceiling there was an colorful mosaic depicting a galaxy and hundreds of stars. It was so beautiful, they almost forgot why they were there. At the top of the ceiling there was an oculus letting in a beam of light, shining down onto a pedestal in the center of the room.

“What is this? A BOOK! We came all this way for a stinking BOOK!?!” Ducky shouted as he looked at the pedestal.

“Wait a second! Ducky. Books can be very valuable treasures. I need to examine it.” Multilingual Mole said as he and Pembleton took a closer look.

“What are all those pots for Ducky?” Ted asked.

“Maybe those are filled with treasure.” Blizzard added.

“Good thinking.” Ducky said as he waddled over and opened one of the lids. “Oh My Goodness! GOLD! The tasty kind.”  Ducky dipped his wing into the pot of honey, just for a taste. “Oh, this is the good stuff.”

“Wait Ducky!” Pembleton shouted, but it was too late. Ducky had already dived in.

“This book, isn’t just any book.” Multilingual Mole explained. “It is Bearistotle’s mother’s famous recipe book.” Ted and Blizzard ‘Oooed’ and ‘Aaaawed’ as Multilingual Mole named delicious recipe, after recipe.  He then continued, “She made the best baklava in all the land, but her recipes were believed to have been lost in the great fires of Alexandria.” At this point, Multilingual Mole was giddy with excitement, as was Pembleton and the little guys. “This find is not only important for history and prosperity, but also the good of animal kinds tummies.”

As Multilingual Mole and Pembleton thumbed through other famous and delicious recipes Ducky, who had finally gotten unstuck from the honey pot came over and asked, “So what’s this your looking at!” Everyone turned to Ducky and gave him the stink eye.

“Weren’t you listening?” Pembleton asked.

“Actually, it’s a little hard to hear. I have honey in my ears.” Ducky replied.

Once they had examined the treasure. They made preparations to return to the nearest city. There they reported the cat pirates to the authorities and told them their location. Then Multilingual Mole and Pembleton held a press conference, announcing they had uncovered the Mystery of the Desert Sands. Amanda Panda and Penelope Penguin, donated their pendents to a local museum and in appreciation of their gift, the museum had two replicas made for the girls. Cornelius questioned the female camel that had been working with the cat pirates and was relieved to find out she had no idea what they were up to. Before handing the recipe book over to the museum for safe keeping, Ducky and the gang made a batch of Mama Bearistotle’s baklava! It was so good, they had to make another.

The End!

Mmmm... this is a tasty mystery

Mmmm… this is a tasty mystery

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 1

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 2

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 3

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 4

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 5

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 6

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 7

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 8

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 9

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 10

Mystery of the Desert Sands Part 11

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