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This week, a hip new bakery opened up in the mall and Ducky was the first in line. He has been checking up on all of his favorite food blogs, and Frosted is one of the top talked about places for 2014. After looking for more than 10 minutes, and agonizing over which treat to choose, Ducky finally made a decision. He headed over to the cash register and was shocked to see Amanda Panda. “What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“Silly, this is my bakery. Well my mom’s, but I get to help. What are you doing here?” She asked.

“We are here as official judges to see if your little bakery is as good as the blogs say.” Ducky replied. “We would like three large cup cakes. One for each of us. Ted wants chocolate, Blizzard wants chocolate orange, and I would like mint chocolate chip.”

She glared at them, then placed the cup cakes in a fancy box and started tying a fancy bow.

“Just give it to us already,” Ducky shouted, “Ain’t nobody got time for all that fuss. We are ready to eat!”

“Hhmph!” Amanda Panda huffed, “This is a five star bakery! Not a cafeteria! You boys just ruin everything!”

“We’ll be the judge of that.” Ducky said giving her the stink eye. “I’m sure these cup cakes will taste like dirt, if Amanda Panda made them.”

“Go on try it I dare you!” Amanda Panda snapped.

“Wow! These are awesome.” Ted said. “This is the best cup cake ever!” Blizzard replied.

“Now, now. Don’t just say that to be nice. We are judges and we need to be fair.” Ducky says. Then he took one bite. Then another, and another and another until the whole thing was gone.

“So…” Amanda asked.

“I guess they were okay. Not the best, but okay.” Ducky said slyly. “Can I get two dozen to go?”

So many wonderful treats to choose from...

So many wonderful treats to choose from…


To celebrate the new year, Ducky and his friends partied until the ball dropped!

We gonna party like it's 2014!

We gonna party like it’s 2014!

We hope you have an AWESOME ADVENTUROUS 2014!

Ducky and the gang have been practicing and practicing for the up coming nativity play. Pembleton not only had the lead as Joseph, but he was also directing the play as well. This did not sit well with Ducky. He wanted to be the lead and he did not like Pembleton bossing him around.

Since Ducky was unable to be Joseph, he decided he wanted to be one of the three wise guys. He has been wanting to wear his Blues Brothers outfit again. But Pembleton just gave him an angry glare and said he had been cast as the angel. An Angel! Ducky knew this was the role he was born to play. He was going to be the BEST ANGEL EVER!

During the dress rehearsal Ducky prepared for his grand entrance! He planned to be lowered in by a pulley mechanism, operated by some local raccoons.  Unfortunately, things did not go as planned…

Hopefully Ducky will have it straightened out before their first show tomorrow.

To us a child is born...

To us a child is born…

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it is Ducky and the Gang’s favorite time of year! One of their favorite Christmas traditions is caroling, so today the gang decided to stroll around the park singing cheery songs to celebrate the season.

Favorite Carols!

Ducky’s: Jingle Bell Rock!

Ted’s: Little Drummer Boy

Pembleton’s: Silent Night

Blizzard’s: Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

Silent Night, Holy Night!

Silent Night, Holy Night!

A Ducky Thanksgiving Story (2012)

Morning of the Thanksgiving Celebration

Wake up! Wake up!

Thanksgiving morning, Pembleton and Blizzard got up early and woke up Ducky and Ted (who were still snoozing at 8:30am).

Ducky and Friends dressed up for Thanksgiving

Cool Costumes!

After Ducky and Ted got their costumes on, it was time for them to head to school.

Children's Classroom at Thanksgiving

“To give thanks.”

At school they learned about Thanksgiving and why they celebrate it.

Animals celebrating Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Finally, they celebrated the holiday with a big feast and plenty of pie.

Ducky and the gang wish you a wonderful and happy thanksgiving. They also wanted everyone to know how thankful they are for all of their great fans.

Ducky and the gang have really enjoyed their time in Montreal and at McGill University. When walking around campus, they discovered the campus was right next to Mt. Royal Park. So the gang decided to hike up Mt. Royal just in time for the sun to go down and the city lights to turn on.

When at the top, Ducky said, “What a magnificent sight.”

Pembelton replied, “Quel spectacle magnifique d’.”

Ducky just laughed. Why is Pembleton so strange? He wondered.

Quel spectacle magnifique d'.

Quel spectacle magnifique d’.

Over the weekend Ducky and the gang went to their first ever hockey game! They had so much fun watching the Zamboni circle the rink, they forgot that there was even a game. Then the McGill Redmen took to the ice against the Guelph Gryphons. The game was a nail biter as the puck went back and forth, back and forth. But in the end, the Redmen prevailed 3-2, and Ducky got to keep the winning puck. After the Zamboni cleared the ice, Ducky snuck on to the ice to practice. He hopes to show the guys how good he is, maybe they will even let him join the team.

Hey batter, batter, batter!

Hey batter, batter, batter!

Ducky and Pembleton are living in a mysterious and amazing place called Haifa, Israel. Every weekend they explore new places in the city. Last weekend, they explored the Haifa zoo and met lots of new friends. Today, Pembleton woke everyone up early and announced that he found an amazing place called the Bahai gardens, right here in Haifa. So they packed their backpacks with snacks and juice and took the bus downtown.

When they first got off the bus, Pembleton said, “that doesn’t look right. We were supposed to be in a different place.” Pembleton checked the map and couldn’t recognize any of the street names. He turned to the others and said, “I’m sorry guys. I think we are lost.”

Ducky turned to him and said, “Don’t worry Pembleton. I’ll ask someone for directions.” Once Ducky got directions from a local puppy, they discovered they were only one street over from the entrance to the Bahai gardens.

The gang spent all day exploring the incredible Bahai gardens, and when they were done, they finished the afternoon with lunch and an ice cream cone. Before heading home, they stopped back at the base of the gardens for a group photo. It was a pretty awesome day.

"Whoa! That's quite a view!"

“Whoa! That’s quite a view!”

While in Italy, Ducky had a fountain made in his likeness. He wore a toga and a crown of olive leaves just like Caeser. When modelling for it, he thought it was weird that Gatocelli didn’t look at him much and that he wasn’t allowed to look at the statue until it was finished. Towards the end of sculpting, Ducky got tired, took off his costume, and went to get a snack.

When he came back the statue was gone. “Where is the statue?” Ducky asked.

“I put it on top of a fountain and it’s now in the garden”, replied Gatocelli.

Ducky was so excited … until he reached the garden. Once he saw the fountain, his eyes almost bulged out of his head and he sank back in embarrassment! The statue was not of him as a Caeser but as a chubby cherub- PEEING! So embarrassing! This is the last time he will trust Christmas Koala to recommend an artist!




Last night while studying, Pembleton heard an awful noise coming from the garage. Ducky had invited some of their friends from the neighborhood for an impromptu concert. “What are you doing Ducky?” Pembleton asked after the noise stopped.

“I’m singing the blues, Pembleton. What do you think I’m doing?” Ducky asked.

“Well at first I thought a cat might be dying, but then I recognized your singing.” Pembleton replied.

“Hey that’s not nice.”Ducky pouted.

“Sorry it’s the truth,” Pembleton said, realizing he was being a little mean. “I’m sorry Ducky. I didn’t mean to sound so mean. So why are you singing the blues?”

“Oh you know,” Ducky’s replied, “I got the- Sunny California, everything’s wonderful blues!

“WHAT?!?!” Pembleton said, shaking his head. “Sometimes I just don’t understand you.”

"Sunny California, ain't nothing wrong blues!"

“Sunny California, ain’t nothing wrong blues!”

Ducky and the gang are currently living in Israel. As such they are learning about and celebrating many Jewish holidays. Tonight starts Rosh Hashanah, also known as the Jewish New Year! As part of the celebrations they ate apples with honey and pieces of a special round challah bread, and then they blew rams horns (which was kinda gross).

Chag Sameach! Happy Holiday! Shana Tova! Good Year!

Blizzard's Midnight Snack.

Blizzard’s Midnight Snack.

Summer vacation is coming to an end and before the gang goes back to school, they decided to clean up the house. At first Ducky didn’t want to. He thought it would be too much work, but Pembleton convinced him.  “If we all pitched in and work together, it won’t be too hard,” Pembleton said as he got out the cleaning supplies.

Ducky cleaned the bathroom, while the rest of the gang focused on the family room. It was a big job, but the cookies afterwards were worth it.

"Who put Cheerios in the toilet?" Ducky asked.

“Who put Cheerios in the toilet?” Ducky asked.

Ducky loves pizza day at school. He is always the first one to the cafeteria, he flashes a big smile at the lunch ladies, and he asks for a large slice of Margarita pizza. Mmm… Mmm… PIZZA!

Mmm... Cheesy Pizza!

Mmm… Cheesy Pizza!

Bees have an important job.

Bees have an important job.

Blizzard was stung by a bee today. As Pembleton put a band aid over the sting, Blizzard said, “I wish bees would just disappear!”

Pembleton turned to Blizzard and said, “You don’t want that to happen.”

“Why not?” Blizzard asked, still sniffling a little.

“Because bees have an important job. Without bees most of our fruits and vegetables wouldn’t grow. Bees make fruits grow by pollinating them. We also wouldn’t get to enjoy the honey they make. Plus, bees are scientifically amazing. There is a lot we can learn about how bees fly.”

When Pembleton finished explaining all of the amazing things about bees, he looked down at Blizzard and found that he was fast asleep.

Until next time, Pembleton wants to remind you to:


The Great Tedzini put on his first show this weekend, to a packed house in our living room. Ted and Blizzard had been practicing in secret for days after getting a magic book from the local library. So when Pembleton witnessed Ted saw Blizzard in HALF he was HORRIFIED! But Ted and Blizzard just laughed, because they knew it was just an illusion.

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We are sorry we were gone so long, but we had some adventuring to do! The Dad, also known as one of our favorite humans (second to The Mom) had to go to Germany for work, which means one thing- FAMILY VACATION!

We cruised the Rhine River, explored castles in St. Goar and Nuremburg, went to the top of a mountain in the Austrian Alps (where Ducky sang “The hills are alive…”), and we ran around Munich. Our favorite part, besides all the cake and prezels we ate, was seeing the night’s watchman in Rothenburg o.d.t. and conquering the fortress in Wurzburg. We had so many fun adventures on this trip!

We hope you are having some of your own adventures this summer as well! See you Wednesday!

Guten Tag!

Guten Tag!

One night Ducky was watching a marathon of Magnum P.I. on Netflix with the Humans and the gang. It was one of his favorite shows. He liked the action, the adventure, the car, and the hair. He wondered, Wouldn’t it be cool to be a P.I. in Hawaii. After about the 6th episode in a row, his eye lids began to grow heavier and heavier, until he was dozing off…

All of a sudden, he was on a Hawaiian beach, wearing a snazzy shirt and he had a MUSTACHE! Then he realized, “I am Ducky P.I. Oh Yeah. Lets find some bad guys,” he said as he hopped in to his red Ferrari. He enjoyed the nice ocean breeze through his wavy hair as he munched on a nice veggie Hawaiian pizza, ready for his next case.

When all of a sudden there was an EARTHQUAKE! Everything was shaking. Was one of the volcanoes erupting? But then, he realized the car was slowly starting to disappear and Higgens was shouting at him to wake up. Then he was back in the living room. Pembleton was there shaking him, “Come on! It’s time to go to bed. We need to brush our teeth.”

Ducky was sad it was all a dream but hoped when his head hit the pillow he would be back on the beach and solve the case before morning.

Ducky P.I.

Ducky P.I.

Today at the beach Ducky found a bottle washed up on the shore. He heard a story about how people stranded on deserted islands sometimes put messages in bottles asking for someone to come and rescue them. Then Ducky thought, “maybe it’s a treasure map?” Ducky dusted the sand off the sides of the bottle and peered inside.

“Ouch!” A baby crab bit his beak. The bottle didn’t contain any message at all. It was just a home for a baby crab. Ducky carefully put the bottle back where he found it and ran off to splash in the water.

the bottle

“What secrets does this bottle hold?” -Ducky

Ducky and the gang love to camp! Every summer they go out into the wilderness with their animal buddies and spend a couple of days enjoying nature.

Pembleton is in charge of safety and packing the tent. While Ducky is in charge of the camp fire and meals. Ducky takes his job very seriously. He makes sure they have hot cocoa and smores every night and oatmeal for breakfast.

After breakfast, Pembleton taught Ted and Blizzard how to properly put out a camp fire, which is very important before leaving a camp site. Then, they hit the trails.

"Remember safety first!"- Pembleton

“Remember safety first!”- Pembleton

Pembleton is an avid reader of the local animal paper. When he spotted an ad for 1 free yoga lesson for beginners, he decided that he and Blizzard were going to check it out. Ducky and Ted didn’t want to be left out, so they tagged along.

At first the yoga lesson was pretty easy. There was a lot of inhaling and exhaling, reaching for the sky and wiggling their toes. Then things got a little more advanced. Cat pose was challenging but doable. Downward dog was easy for Ted and Blizzard, but a little more challenging for Ducky and Pembleton, because they have shorter arms. Then there was the headstand. This one was tricky, but the gang were fast learners.

During the cool down period, the instructor turned the lights down low and played some soothing music. So soothing, someone (we won’t mention who) fell asleep and was snoring loudly!

After the class was over, the Yogi was so impressed with the gangs yoga skills, he invited them back next week for a free advanced level class.

Headstand Pose

Headstand Pose

Thank you for all the likes for our series: The Case of the Missing Sloth. We enjoyed it so much, we made it into a movie!


Video link:

Award Ceremony.

Once Captain One Mitten and his crew were in the pokey, the gang went home to reunite Mr. Sloth with his daughter, Abigail.

When they got home Ted, Blizzard, and Abigail were so happy everyone made it home safely. Abigail ran in to her father’s arms, giving him the biggest hug ever. Then she went over to Ducky and Pembleton who were standing near by, hugged them, and told them, “Thank you.”

Mrs. Cottontail invited everyone to stay for lunch. She was making vegetarian shepherd’s pie, one of Ducky’s favorites. During lunch, the phone rang. Mrs. Cottontail answered, “Hello…yes, he is here. One moment.” She turned to Pembleton and handed him the phone. After, a few yes ma’ams and a “We’d be delighted”. Pembleton hung up the phone.

“That was Queen Pugglesworth. She wishes to present us with the medal of bravery and heroics for our job well done. We are invited to the palace this evening and all of our friends are invited too.” Pembleton announced with excitement.

The End.


“Job well done!” said the Queen.

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 5)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 6)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 7)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 8)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 9)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 10)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 11)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 12)


Once inside the look-out asked, “So what do they call yas?”

Pembleton was caught off gaurd, but Ducky quickly replied, “I’m Cheeseball, here’s my buddy Mousetrap,” pointing to Conrad, “And this is my other buddy Heathcliff McGee,” pointing to Pembleton.

“Umm…nice names. Come on in, were are preparing to load up the ship”, he said while leading them through the cannery.

“Quick we need a distraction,” Pembleton whispered.

“No, problem.” Ducky answered with a wink.

When they reached the other cats, Pembleton and Ducky saw it was in fact the sinister Captain One Mitten leading this dastardly endeavor. The cat pirates had almost finished loading up the boxes and would soon be shipping out to sea. Ducky hollered at the top of his lungs, “Such a treasure calls for a great piraty celebration!” and he began to sing “ninety-nine bottles of milk on the wall.” All the cats joined in, including Captain One Mitten.

While the other cats were distracted, Pembleton snuck over to the corner and found Abigail’s father tied up next to the robot. The robot was sad because Captain One Mitten had not only taken the crown he had stolen, but also the gold metal he had won during Robofest. Even worse, Abigail’s father was disappointed in him for participating in Captain One Mitten’s evil plan.

Pembleton untied Abigail’s dad and they snuck towards the front door. Pembleton tried to get Ducky’s and Conrad’s attention, but they were too carried away singing and merry making.  As Pembleton tried to get their attention, one of the pirates accidently stepped on Ducky’s tail, which then detached. First the pirate was horrified that he had so easily hurt Cheeseball. But then realized as Ducky continued to sing, that Cheeseball and his friends were in fact intruders and began to shout, “Intruders!”

To be continued…

"Arr Maties, it's time to celebrate wit a wittle song."

“Arr Maties, it’s time to celebrate wit a wittle song.”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 5)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 6)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 7)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 8)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 9)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 10)


When Ducky, Pembleton, and Conrad finally caught up with the robot, Ducky was surprised to find they were back at the docks. They watched as the robot knocked on the door of the tuna fish cannery. The door opened and the robot slipped inside.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go in and arrest the perpetrators!”, Ducky exclaimed.

“Wait!”, Conrad advised. “There are too many cats in that factory. We need to wait here and call for backup.”

“There’s no time”, Pembleton said. “Once the cat pirates get the crown they will immediately load it onto a ship and smuggle it out of the country along with Abigail’s father. Luckily, I have a plan to get inside, rescue Abigail’s father, get the jewels, and get out before the cats suspect anything.”

“What’s your plan?” Ducky asked.

“Disguises.” Pembleton said.

“Disguises?” Ducky asked. “Wait! I got some cat costumes in my bag. Three actually.”

“I know.” Pembleton said.

They quickly put on the costumes and headed to the cat’s hideout. Nervously Ducky knocked on the door. “Who goes there?” a cat pirate asked through a peep hole.

“Umm… we’re the new crew.” Ducky nervously spit out.

“New crew?” The cat pirate scratched his head. “Uhh… okay. Umm… So what is the password?”

Pembleton nervously scratched his head trying to think, then let out a “Meow” to stall for time.

“Purr-fect. Come on in, the party is just getting started,” the door keeper said. Then he asked Conrad, “Hey, you’re looking pretty green there buddy. Did you eat some bad tuna?” Conrad nervously shook his head as they entered the pirate’s den.

To be continued…

"What's the password?"

“What’s the password?”

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 5)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 6)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 7)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 8)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 9)

The Chase.

Ducky, Pembleton, and Conrad dashed out of the museum and in to the dark London streets.

“Where did he go?” Ducky asked.

“That’s the easy part. Do you see the dark puddles on the road? The robot is leaving us a trail of oil we can follow. Let’s go.” Pembleton exclaimed.

“Wait. I know a faster way,” said Conrad as he hailed a taxi. “Stop in the name of the law. I hereby commandeer this taxi by the authority of her majesty, the Queen.”  The taxi driver was a little confused, but quickly got out of the car as Ducky, Pembleton, and Conrad climbed in.

“Where do you think he is going?” Ducky asked.

“I think I might know, but let’s not take our chances. Follow that trail!” Pembleton shouted.

To be continued…

"How is such a robust robot so fast?" Ducky asked.

“How is such a robust robot so fast?” Ducky asked.

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 1)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 2)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 3)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 4)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 5)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 6)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 7)

The Case of the Missing Sloth (Part 8)

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