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Last night, Ducky had a scary dream. He dreamed that he was an angry cyclops. Everyone one was scared of him, even Ted. Cyclops Ducky was so sad he went to the kitchen to get a gingerbread cookie, and even his cookie ran away! Ducky Cyclops became even more angry because he was sad. He let out a loud bellow and began to cry.

“Wake up, Wake up!” Pembleton shouted as Ducky tossed and turned in bed. “You are having a bad dream.”

Ducky was so thankful his brother was there to wake him up. At this point Ted and Blizzard were also awake and wanted to know what was wrong. Ducky told them all about his dream and at the end, Ted gave him a hug. Ducky felt much better after telling him about his dreams and being reassured he was not a cyclops. As he drifted back to sleep he wondered, if there were still any gingerbread cookies in the kitchen.

Ducky Cyclopes

“Why is everyone running away from me?”

With Halloween only 12 days away, Ducky and the gang are already in the holiday spirit. Last night they decided to watch one of their favorite Halloween movies, Casper the Friendly Ghost.  Earlier that day, Ducky had to take a physical education test where he had to run, do jumping jacks, and somersaults. Ducky was quite exhausted and was heavy eyed during the movie. Before he knew it, he was snoozing.

In his dream, he saw four super cute ghosts in front of a large house. The first one who was quite round said “I’m hungry.” The second ghost, who was tall and thin, said “Tonight is a great night to use my telescope. Look at how full the moon is.” The two little ghosts just giggled and waved as they chased each other. When Ducky woke up, he wondered why the ghost from his dream were so familiar, but then he realized he was hungry. So he went and got a snack.

“I’m hungry, can ghosts eat?”

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