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During the Holidays it is important to think about those less fortunate than you. This year, Ducky and the gang bought gifts to give to the local Animal Humane Society. Ted and Blizzard were so excited to be spreading Christmas cheer to their buddies!

Pembleton brought flea medicine and new colorful collars with matching leashes for everyone. Blizzard brought several balls of yarn for the kittens. Ted brought tennis balls for the puppies. And Ducky brought homemade baked cookies for everyone! The cookies almost didn’t make it to the tree, but thankfully Mrs. Lamb wrapped them up before he could eat them all.

4 more days til Christmas!

Angel Tree for the animals

This is our favorite part of Christmas!- Ted & Blizzard

This weekend, Ducky and the gang were busy decorating their beautiful Christmas tree that Ducky picked out last Friday. They put in their favorite Christmas movie, the Muppets’ Christmas Carol, and untangled all the lights. They wrapped the tree with lights. Then carefully unpacked the ornaments and found the perfect branch for each one. After Pembleton placed the star on top and Ducky placed a few presents underneath the tree, the gang turned down the lights to marvel at the tree.

Only 22 days til Christmas!

The gang are decorating the Christmas Tree

“A little to the left, Pembleton.”

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