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When Ducky, Pembleton, and Conrad finally caught up with the robot, Ducky was surprised to find they were back at the docks. They watched as the robot knocked on the door of the tuna fish cannery. The door opened and the robot slipped inside.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go in and arrest the perpetrators!”, Ducky exclaimed.

“Wait!”, Conrad advised. “There are too many cats in that factory. We need to wait here and call for backup.”

“There’s no time”, Pembleton said. “Once the cat pirates get the crown they will immediately load it onto a ship and smuggle it out of the country along with Abigail’s father. Luckily, I have a plan to get inside, rescue Abigail’s father, get the jewels, and get out before the cats suspect anything.”

“What’s your plan?” Ducky asked.

“Disguises.” Pembleton said.

“Disguises?” Ducky asked. “Wait! I got some cat costumes in my bag. Three actually.”

“I know.” Pembleton said.

They quickly put on the costumes and headed to the cat’s hideout. Nervously Ducky knocked on the door. “Who goes there?” a cat pirate asked through a peep hole.

“Umm… we’re the new crew.” Ducky nervously spit out.

“New crew?” The cat pirate scratched his head. “Uhh… okay. Umm… So what is the password?”

Pembleton nervously scratched his head trying to think, then let out a “Meow” to stall for time.

“Purr-fect. Come on in, the party is just getting started,” the door keeper said. Then he asked Conrad, “Hey, you’re looking pretty green there buddy. Did you eat some bad tuna?” Conrad nervously shook his head as they entered the pirate’s den.

To be continued…

"What's the password?"

“What’s the password?”

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Earlier this week Ducky received word that his friend, Mr. Shnookums, had been picked up and put in to the pound again. Ducky knew he had to get him out, so he devised a top secret mission to get him out of the poky. Ducky, a master of disguises, donned his homemade puppy costume to go deep undercover.

Ducky allowed himself to be captured. As the Human was carrying him to the back to the vehicle, he unclipped his keys and tossed them to Pembleton.

Later that day, a cake was delivered to the pound right before closing hours. The cake was for a puppy named ‘Ducky’. The humans looked at all of the collars, and when they found the strange looking puppy with the name ‘Ducky’, they slipped the cake in to the cage. It took a lot of self control and will power to wait the 2 minutes it took for the staff to finally leave. Once the coast was clear, Ducky ate every last crumb, but thankfully did not eat the keys hidden inside. Then it was time to get to business.

Ducky unlocked his cage, then Mr. Shnookums’. He was about to leave, when he heard some whimpering. The other little guys were giving him sad puppy eye’s and he couldn’t leave them there. He had to help them all escape!

He unlocked every cage, even the ones with cats. And then they made a break for it. Thankfully Pembleton was waiting near buy with a van, that would take them to safety.

Within a couple of days, Ducky and Pembleton’s relocation agency had found loving homes for all the little guys, even the cats.

Puppies on the loose

We’re Busting Out of Here!

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