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Science is so cool!

Ducky and Pembleton like to keep up-to-date on all the cool science news, especially Pembleton (who was a Mad Scientist for Halloween this year). Here are some of the latest Robotic News that has Ducky and the gang super excited!

NPR News: The Robotic Baby Penguin That Spies For Scientists

NASA: Rosetta International Mission to a Comet, In Search of our Origins

Ducky's Adventures

What is a Robot?

Ted and Blizzard asked Pembleton: “What is a Robot? ” Pembleton got so excited he took them to his laboratory to explain.

“Robots come in all shapes and sizes. They have a computer for a brain, and sensors and moving parts that help them complete specific tasks. Robots are used to make cars, computers, to help rescue people or animals from disasters, and clean around the house.” Pembleton explained to the Lil’ Guys.

“Wow, they can clean up around the house?!?” said Ted super excited.

“Did you know robots can also be your friend, and play games with you?” Pembleton added.

“We need one,” Blizzard and Ted said at the same time while they jumped up and down.

Until Next Time, Pembleton wants you to KEEP BEING CURIOUS!

Pembleton asks, “What science subject would you like me to explain next?” Please leave in the comment section…

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