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When Ducky and the gang got to the local spa, they could not believe what they saw! Abigail and her dad, Mr. Sloth, who they first met on a past adventure, were laying on the beach soaking up some sun with cucumber slices covering their eyes.

“This is the life, my dear. Who would have thought we would crash into paradise,” Mr. Sloth said, as he sipped his lemonade. Abigail agreed.

“WHAT!?! You guys are doing better than we are. We are suppose to be rescuing you!” Ducky asked in an annoyed tone.

“Whoo, whose there?!?” Mr. Sloth said as he sat up quickly. His cucumber slices sliding down his cheeks. “What are you doing here Ducky? Pembleton? Oh, and hi Ted and Blizzard. As for the rescuing, can it wait until after our massage this afternoon. They truly are wonderful. It’s amazing what T-Rexs can do with their little arms.”

“I guess I don’t see the harm in staying a little while longer considering we aren’t sure how to get out of here. Where ever this is?” Pembleton replied. “But first, can you tell us what happened? Why did your plane go down? Why were you flying over the Himalayas?”

“Well you see. Everything was going according to plan. I was hired to fly some crates of party supplies to India for Edgor’s cousin’s nephew’s best friend’s wedding. After dropping off the crates, we received orders to conduct a 3D topographical scan of the local mountain range. Once we got close, our auto pilot took over. We were trying to regain control when a storm hit. But we couldn’t. It was so strange. I still don’t understand what went wrong.” Mr. Sloth said as he shook his head.

“Don’t worry Mr. Sloth. We will get to the bottom of this,” Pembleton declared, “but first can I get one of those lemonades?”

To be continued…

This is the life!

This is the life!

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Thank you for all the likes for our series: The Case of the Missing Sloth. We enjoyed it so much, we made it into a movie!


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Award Ceremony.

Once Captain One Mitten and his crew were in the pokey, the gang went home to reunite Mr. Sloth with his daughter, Abigail.

When they got home Ted, Blizzard, and Abigail were so happy everyone made it home safely. Abigail ran in to her father’s arms, giving him the biggest hug ever. Then she went over to Ducky and Pembleton who were standing near by, hugged them, and told them, “Thank you.”

Mrs. Cottontail invited everyone to stay for lunch. She was making vegetarian shepherd’s pie, one of Ducky’s favorites. During lunch, the phone rang. Mrs. Cottontail answered, “Hello…yes, he is here. One moment.” She turned to Pembleton and handed him the phone. After, a few yes ma’ams and a “We’d be delighted”. Pembleton hung up the phone.

“That was Queen Pugglesworth. She wishes to present us with the medal of bravery and heroics for our job well done. We are invited to the palace this evening and all of our friends are invited too.” Pembleton announced with excitement.

The End.


“Job well done!” said the Queen.

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