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After many nights of studying the stars, Pembleton made an exciting discovery! He discovered a new exo-planet. Pembleton called his friend, Edgar the Elephant to help verify his discovery. Once it was verified, Pembleton decided to reveal his discovery at the Technion Astronomical Society Workshop. He invited Ducky, Ted and Blizzard, along with his friend Edgar the Elephant.

During the lecture Pembleton explained that he was looking for exo-planets by finding shadows that cross in front of bright stars. Pembleton recorded pictures from his Newtonian telescope on to his computer, so that the finding could be verified by other scientist and also for his super cool presentation.

Pembleton’s lecture was a huge hit at the workshop. Now all he has to do is decide on a name for the planet. Maybe it will be… Pembletron… Blizzardonious… Tedzoni… or Duckytopia…What do you think? Leave a comment!

"This circular shadow is actually evidence of an exo-planet!" - Pembleton

“This circular shadow is actually evidence of an exo-planet!” – Pembleton

Part 1 A Mystery Package

Part 2 What’s in the Package?

Part 3 Stargazing


Shortly after sunset, Ducky, Ted, and Blizzard ran to the the library to ask Pembleton if it was time to use the telescope. After looking at the clock on the wall, Pembleton said it was time.

They went on the patio and carefully set up the telescope.

First Pembleton used the view finder to locate the north star. Once the telescope was in position, he adjusted the focus so that the view was crystal clear. “Who wants to go first?” Pembleton asked.

“Me! Me!” shouted Blizzard. But Blizzard was to short to reach the eye piece. Ducky had to retrieve a stool from the mudroom. Then Ducky lifted him up on to the stool and Blizzard was able to see.

“WOW! There are so many stars! They are HUGE! It’s unbelievable.” Blizzard shouted with excitement.

“My turn! My turn!” Ted yelled as he jumped up and down.

They each took turns as Pembleton explained the different constellations and planets.

As they were winding down, Pembleton explained “Some scientist believe that most stars have their own planets, much like the Sun, but they are hard to see because they do not produce enough light like stars do. This is what I want to study.”

To be continued…

"I didn't know stars were so big!" -Blizzard

“I didn’t know stars were so big!” -Blizzard

Part 1 A Mystery Package

Part 2 What’s in the Package?

Pembleton's Lab #6 The Sun

“The Sun is a giant burning ball of gas!” said Pembleton as Ducky giggled.

Mrs. Cottontail urged Pembleton to continue his report, while she gave Ducky “the stink eye”.

“Like I said, the Sun is a star and all stars are made up of mostly gases. When the gas burns it produces heat and light. Our Sun produces most of the energy that sustains life on Earth. It provides plants with food through photosynthesis. It helps to power homes and cars through solar power.” Pembleton confidently read his report. After he was done the class cheered.

“Any questions?” Pembleton asked.

“Can we visit the Sun?” Ducky asked.

“We are unable to visit the Sun for many reasons. One, it is too hot. Two, it is too far away. Three, we have recess in 5 minutes.” Pembleton answered. “But I did bring these awesome pictures of the Sun from a book I got at NASA. Do you want to see?” The whole class sat a little taller to get a better view as Pembleton showed them a few of his favorite photographs.

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