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Earlier today a package arrived at our front door. Ducky was so excited to see such a large package waiting at our door. He knew it had to be for him. Over the past couple of weeks he has been hinting that he would like a “Rock’em Sock’em Robot” set.  As he jumped up and down in excitement, Ted and Blizzard tried to read the name on the package. It was  a long word that started with a “P”.

“Ducky, what long word starts with a ‘P’?” Ted asked.

“I know!” Said Blizzard. “Doesn’t Pembleton’s name start with a ‘P’?”

“WHAT?!?!” Ducky yelled. “This package isn’t for me?”

Ducky was a little sad. He was really hoping it would be a new toy for him.

Shortly after hearing the commotion. Pembleton came out of the family library and asked what was going on.

“You have a package.” Ted and Blizzard exclaimed in unison.

To be continued…

Ducky and Pembleton receive a mysterious package.

“What?! It’s not for ME?!”


Black Friday madness isn’t only for humans; it’s for animals too. Ted and Blizzard have wanted Peabody Robots all year, but they cost 3 weeks of allowance. After seeing how much they cost, Ducky and Pembleton decided to check them out on Black Friday, or Purple Friday as Amanda Panda calls it.

When they got to Amanda Panda’s parents garage, all the toys were set up nice and neat. Everything was painted purple and most importantly the Peabody Robots that were stacked in a pyramid were 50% off! What a deal. Ducky was so excited and so nervous he might not get one, he started running toward them. At the last second before Pembleton could stop him, Ducky dove into the air knocking over the pyramid, but also securing a robot in his little wings.

Let’s just say, Amanda Panda wasn’t too happy and would only sell Ducky the robot at 50% off, if he helped clean up the mess.

Happy Purple Friday! Be safe!

Baby Animals shopping for Christmas gifts early morning on Black Friday

“I’ve got the last one!”

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